Empowering Gender Equality

I came across the following article yesterday.

Well, this is a very interesting study, as it provides us with interesting findings, supporting the need for empowering gender equality in businesses.

Working in a company which applies gender equality at all its levels, i would like to share the belief that nothing compares to the feeling of being given the same opportunities and respect which is given to male colleagues.

That’s the key to success, because it allows us to be more creative, productive and efficient at every project. So, please, dear men-driven companies, do not underestimate your women colleagues and you will be surprised by the results!


Photograph by Guido Mieth—Getty Images/Flickr RM


New Proof That More Female Bosses Equals Higher Profits

Feb 08, 2016

Still not convinced that gender diversity is good for the bottom line? Maybe this will do it.

On Monday, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and professional services firm EY released a study that reveals a significant correlation between women in leadership and company profitability.

The report found that companies with at least 30% female leaders had net profit margins up to 6 percentage points higher than companies with no women in the top ranks. Interestingly, it did not find any notable difference in the performance of female and male CEOs, and was unable to determine whether having female board members helped or hurt companies in any way.

This report is not the first to find that gender diversity has a positive impact on profitability, though it is the most extensive.

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